Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who We Are In Place in Time - JAPAN

This week 2A students have been identifying 'human' and 'physical' features in Japan along with Mr. E.'s roommate, Raymond. Raymond is a curious and very fashionable French bulldog who was featured on a French bangumi for NHK-E two years ago.

With his backpack and magnifying glass, Raymond explores on his own to discover the uniqueness of Japan. Along his path, he compares the 'Japanese way' to his home country. In this episode, Raymond discover 'komainu' in front of a Shinto shrine.

He's not sure if he's just met a very large dog or a monster!

To see Raymond, click the link below:

Nowadays, Raymond mostly stays at home and takes naps.

We tuned into the unit by identifying human and physical features in two of Mr. E.'s favorite Japan videos online.

If you love Japan, you'll like watching these!

Next, the students used Kidsweb Japan and other kid-friendly websites to inquire into the Japanese features that interested them the most: kimono, sushi, manga, and traditional Japanese scary stories to name a few.

Here are some examples of facts students learned and questions to guide their next inquiry.

Over the long weekend, your daughter can continue to find out more about specials features of Japan. On Tuesday, she can present her new knowledge to the class!

Have a great weekend!

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