Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Japan: Where We Live

Learning Intention:
We are learning to identify 'physical' and 'human' features.

Success Criteria
I can...
* Define 'physical' and 'human' features
* Give an example of physical and human features from the local environment
* Identify a variety of physical features in the local environment
* Identify a variety of human features of the local environment

Learner ProfileThinker
Transdisciplinary Skill: Observation

After defining physical and human features, 2A and 2B students watched videos of various places in Japan. While enjoying the videos, students thoughtfully considered the images and categorised them as either human or physical features.

On a blank map of Japan, students drew and labelled physical and human features.

In lessons to come, Grade 2 students will investigate features of places around the world! They have already started to bring in pictures showing the differences between human and physical features.
In groups, students used this map to identify human and physical features of Japan. They gave reasons for their choices.

We love Japan!

Students use a Wonder Wall to track their progress. We are currently Connecting Ideas in our 1st line of inquiry.

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