Thursday, June 2, 2016

Grade Two Field Trip to Minka- En

Grade Two took an end of the year field trip to Minka En to see traditional Japanese houses. During our last unit of inquiry of the year, we inquired into human and physical features of Japan as well as Japanese lifestyles and how they have changed over time. Some girls admitted at first that they thought this field trip was not going to be that interesting. But later many students were surprised that it was a really cool place to visit. I want grade twos to remember this experience and stay curious about the world around them. iPads and iPhones are great, but oftentimes the best experiences are when we turn off our technology and go out and breathe some fresh air. Grade Twos, keep exploring!

The main entrance of Minka- En

2A girls having their picnic lunch

Amy making her bouquet flowers

2B group shot after lunch
Reina and Ria having fun! :)

Shin and Olivia just hanging around

Maryam and Yuka sitting behind Mr. E. on the bus ride home (pretending that they don't know anything about his missing hat)